DISTINET was established in 2008 with the intent of creating strong local and regional distribution channels for international brands of IT and multimedia products. Since then, several brands have been the object of market tests and trials. 

NETGEAR, a US manufacturer and provider of networking products since 1996, was the first brand to be listed in DISTINET’s portfolio. The company penetrated the market with a complete NETGEAR product portfolio, for which it managed to create shelf space among key resellers in Lebanon.

The second success was the early addition of INVO, another US brand for which DISTINET holds the exclusive rights of distribution. INVO holds an extensive product line that includes A/V products, UPS equipment and power stabilizers, passive networking products, and paper shredders, to name a few. The relatively new brand in the market, with its high quality standards proven by a portfolio of quality and industry certifications, along with its innovative designs and competitive prices, proved to be a potential contender both in the Lebanese market, the GCC and Middle East countries.

DISTINET is also a member of Teletrade Holding Group. The former’s affiliation to the veteran group which has been in the industry for IT products and services at all levels since 1993, proved to be a powerful competitive edge for DISTINET. The group’s excellent reputation for professionalism and its depth of expertise has favorably shaped DISTINET’s approach and helped it position itself in the market.
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